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Bid on, buy or sell new or used items at online auctions

Bid on, buy or sell new or used items at online auctions

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This is the eBay mobile app. eBay is an online auction site, allowing users to buy and sell items in a controlled, safe marketplace.

If you don't want to use the mobile website version and would prefer the mobile controls and features of the app, this is the download to use. It also makes taking pictures for your sales a lot easier, since you don't have to specifically email photos to yourself or transfer them to a computer.

You need to setup an account to use eBay. This includes using a valid email address and a linked payment method. Multiple banks are accepted, as well as Paypal--especially since eBay and Paypal are part of the same company.

If you don't use a bank, but instead use payment apps such as Venmo, Cashapp, RobinHood, or Coinbase, be sure to look up the direct deposit information for those systems. If you're unsure, just send an email with your intent to use their account as a payment account for eBay and their customer support can help you along the way.

Alternatively, you can send an email, call, or chat with an eBay representative for help with those apps. Payment apps are becoming more common, but even if the customer is always right, don't expect every app to be an expert on connecting with third party payment apps; give them time to look up the info, and don't freak out if they transfer you to a supervisor.

How Does Selling on eBay Work?

Once you have a valid account and your payment information setup, you can start selling your items!

Listing an item is fairly simple. You can type in your own title and description, or search for an existing item. Which should you do? Depends on the item!

Keep in mind that some items are unique, while others are just another product that everyone else is selling. In the modern internet, you can be both unique and uniform; you can setup a custom title and description that catches attention (within the rules), but still have the item listed in a tag or category that will show up in every related search.

For example, if you want to sell a Super Limited Edition PS5 with an unsealed NieR Automata copy, you can put that in the title and still add the tags "Playstation 5" and/or "NieR" without any penalty.

People looking for either of those will still see your item. People searching the wild internet for anything on sale might see your unique title stick out, might not. The unique part is your problem to figure out, but not entirely necessary.

How Does Buying on eBay Work?

Buying is much more simple than selling. Make sure you have a valid shipping address, use your payment method, and pay for the item.

If you're legitimately paying with real money, there's no reason to complicate things with what ifs. You buy the item, the seller needs to send the item.

If you don't get the item, contact eBay for a refund. eBay is very customer-focused when it comes to sales.

The eBay application is a full-fledged mobile version of the eBay auction website. It gives the users the same abilities that they have on the site. If you download the application, you can do things like list your items for sale, bid on items, watch auctions, browse the auctions and more. You can even set notifications so that you will know when an auction is getting ready to end. The notification can come right to your phone so that you can log into the site and take charge of that bidding war by placing your bid. It's quite convenient if you like to shop on eBay.

All of eBay's product listings and features are available through its mobile app. The eBay app is available on most platforms and makes buying products simple. Within the app, users can bid on auctioned items or buy other items outright. Even sellers can utilize the app by setting up listings and getting their items sold.

For regular users, the eBay app is a powerful tool that's worth downloading. Mobile users can accomplish most tasks without ever using a full computer.